Happy New Writing Year!

It's the last day of 2015, and, like most people, I find this day a good time for reflection on the past and dreams for the year ahead. In terms of writing, this past year, I accomplished the following:

  • I wrote an essay for TueNight, that was picked up by Huffington Post, about how "Black Flag's Henry Rollins Helped Me Become the Coolest Girl in School." That was a fun piece, and I had many of my friends from San Pedro, California, contact me to tell me how well they remembered that day.
  • I had a short play produced at ActOne's "Fractured FairyTale Festival" in Sommerville, Massachusetts. My script, "Losing It," was one of 9 chosen out of 300 submissions, and the production was fantastic!
  • I wrote another short play about the Disney Princesses at middle age, "Bad Princesses, Bad Princesses, Whatcha Gonna Do?" which was performed locally at CAB (Creative Alliance of Baraboo) Theatre's production of "MaCABre."
  • I worked on my third novel. I was hoping to finish this round of revisions by November, but after my car accident in August (which left me dealing with brain fog and near daily headahces), that became impossible. 

...which brings me to dreams for 2016. I hope to be well enough to:

  • Finish my novel and send it to my agent.
  • Write and publish more travel pieces.
  • Send out more of my flash fiction that I have sitting around on my computer files.
  • Finish my full-length play.
  • Write every day.

What are your proudest accomplishments of 2015? What do you hope to accomplish in 2016? Let me know in the comments--and happy New Year!

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