The University of Iowa's Iowa Summer Writing Festival is returning to campus this summer, and I can't wait! While I so enjoy the convenience and opportunities for forging connections around the world that the live online classes afford, there is nothing quite like being in this UNESCO City of Literature and meeting writers in person. 

    I'll be teaching three classes:
    Weekend Workshop, July 15-16:
    "Mending the Muddle of the Middle" is for novelists (and memoirists) who find themselves in that quagmire of the middle of the novel (or memoir), and want some help (in the form of insights, strategies, and assignments) to help them get to their Electrifying Ending!™  (forthcoming...)

    Weeklong Workshop, July 16-21
    "The Popular Novel (in any genre)" will help novelists (and memoirists) increase readership, no matter if they're writing literary novels, rom-coms, sci-fi, YA, etc., by discussing and writing exercises based on some of the most important elements in fiction that are proven to make novels "popular."

     Weekend Workshop, July 22-23
    "Killer Openings" is a course designed to not only help writers write killer opening lines, pages, inciting incidents, and first acts, but also to help writers create a course for themselves which will put them on the right track for completing their novels (or memoirs or stories). 

To register, and for more information, please see the links below. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at

Let's write our novels together in Iowa City this summer!


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