Today is National Dog Day. While Rosie was a 7th birthday present for our daughter Alice, who is now 16, she has become the best friend to all of us. I am sure that cats also make great companions for writers (I'm allergic, so I'd hardly know, though I did have a beautiful Manx cat once), but one nice thing about dogs is that at least once a day they make you get out from behind your computer and go outside for a walk. Rosie is 9 1/2 and this is still the favorite part of her day, though she also likes to cuddle, takes naps, and meditate in the sun. For a writer who still suffers from headaches over too much computer time, she is a wonderful role model.

Do you have a dog? A pet? What do you love about him or her?

Happy National Dog Day, from Rosie and me! xo
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