Please read my essay about the time in the early 80s I got Black Flag to play on the lucnh steps of San Pedro High School...and became the coolest girl in school.

(For a few weeks, anyway...)

My short play LOSING IT, about a graduate student in media studies interviewing the original Disney Princesses about their "wedding nights," was one of 9 plays chosen out of 300 submissions for Theatre@First's Fractured Fairy Tale Festival in Sommerville, Mass. I love these pictures (taken by Jay Sekora and Katrina) of the production, which shows these talented actresses bringing my words to life.

As a reader, I have always loved fairy tales. As a writer, I am interested in retelling them with a feminist, modern perspective. I have a love/hate relationship with Disney, and in writing about these characters in new ways, I feel I am having a conversation with Walt Disney, with the Grimm Brothers, and with my young self, who yearned to be like Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.

I am grateful to Theatre@First and everyone involved in the festival for choosing LOSING IT and bringing it to the stage so beautifully, and of course, I am grateful to the audiences, without whom our work as playwrights would have little meaning.

Check out this fine theatre company's website for more information:

And let me know in the comments which is your favorite (least favorite)  Disney princess--and why you love (can't stand) her!

My husband Louis Wenzlow writes poetry and flash fiction. His latest piece is up on the fantastic literary magazine CEASE, COWS today. It's about the last human on earth after the AI Apocalypse.

I'm reminded of last year's Thanksgiving dinner with Louis' family. Afterwards, sipping our libations in the living room, flipping channels to see what movie we should watch, Louis and his brother-in-law had the following conversation:

Louis: I'm concerned about the AI Apocalypse.

BIL: I'm concerned about putting three kids through college.

Then everybody laughed.


Image on Cease, Cows “Artificial Intelligence” (image via Flickr user GLAS-8)

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