Astronomers tell us that Jupiter and Saturn come together every twenty years, but they haven't come this close together in four hundred years, or this close together at night in eight hundred years, so tonight should be something to look at!

Astrologers tell us that when the Great Conjunction happens on the Winter Solstice, it signifies new beginnings, and that we should take the opportunity to think about what goals we want to attain in the coming year.

For writers, of course, this probably means what writing goals we want to accomplish.

Do you want to write every day this coming year? Do you want to submit more? Do you want to start a novel? Finish one? What are your goals for 2021? Apparently now is as good a day as any to write them down. Why wait 'til New Year's?

Whatever your writing goals are, I wish you great success in reaching them.

Happy Winter Solstice!

(copyright free photo by David Menidrey via Unsplash)

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