I'm going to be a New York City-produced playwright!

Nylon Fusion Theatre Company has accepted my play STOP ME IF YOU THINK YOU'VE HEARD THIS ONE BEFORE (named after The Smiths's song by the same title) for their upcoming "This Round's On Us: The Redacted Play Festival: the F Word," February 24th and 25th in New York.

Academy Award-winning writer John Patrick Shanley (author of OUTSIDE MULLINGAR), and one of the advisory board members of Nylon Fusion, says:

"Nylon Fusion Theatre Company is exactly the right kind of theatre for New York City now. It is young, multicultural, fearless. It provides an open door, inviting unrecognized talent on to the stage, providing entry, excitement, recklessness, candor and comedy, in a joyous atmosphere. There are new actors, directors, and playwrights in abundance. You will discover artists here. You will experience the rush of seeing them first. That's what New York is all about. Discovery!" 

As you might imagine, I'm absolutely thrilled! And hey, if you live in New York and see the show, drop me a line and send me a picture, will you?!

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