Every October a theatre company I'm involved in, CAB (Creative Alliance of Baraboo) Theatre, produces a night of short Halloween-themed plays written by local playwrights. The entries were due last spring. I knew I wanted to write about the Disney princesses again, and I liked the idea of Snow White and Cinderella handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, but I was having a hard time coming up with a conflict. My thirteen year-old daughter Alice suggested that maybe too many Elsas could come to the door, and immediately my wheels started turning. As I wrote, the theme song to "Cops" was playing in my head (not a wholly unusual occurrence, as it was my dad's favorite show, and so the theme song often plays in my head), and those two elements--Elsa and "Cops"--led to my short play, BAD PRINCESSES, BAD PRINCESSES, WHATCHAGONNA DO?

Last night it  was performed in the theatre at the University of Wisconsin, Baraboo/Sauk County, to about sixty audience members, in a production that was free and open to the public. And what a thrill it was for me to see it acted out by two incredibly talented actors, Rachel Lizzardo-McPherson as Snow White and Iveta Petkova-Ball as Cinderellas. Plays are blueprints, and they must have strong storylines and interesting characters, but it is the actors and directors who truly bring them to life. I am so fortunate to have had Rachel and Iveta bring my characters to life, under the thoughtful direction of Rhonda Siebecker.

There were a half-dozen other funny and interesting and creepy plays performed last night. I found Scott Rawson's monologue "Children" riveting.  Brian Riley's play about Frankenstein and Werewolf meeting on the subway was funny and thought-provoking, and Ben Bromley's play about Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Dipstick was hilarious.

But my play was my favorite.  :)   Thank you, Princesses!  (I'm afraid I didn't quite capture "bad princess" as well as these two. That's why they're on stage.)  I am not quite ready (after my accident) to write another play yet, but when I am (when I can think and write creatively, and when I don't get headache-y and nauseated after spending too much time writing or reading...), then, once again, you will be my muses!

In August I was in a bad car accident. I got T-boned (right at the driver's door) by a van whose driver went through a red light right.  I have had quite a few issues to deal with since then, which is why I haven't posted lately, and which I won't get into here. I am just checking in to wish everyone a happy new season that marks new beginnings. I am indeed not only glad to live in a world where there are Octobers, but also very happy to be alive to enjoy this one. Happy Fall, dear readers! Hope you read some great books and have fun writing your own!

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