Photo of Me with strike sign just to the side of Melrose Gate, 
Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California.
15 May, 2023

     As a writer (and lover of well-written movies and television), I stand in solidarity with the Writers' Guild of America, whose members are striking for fair payment and rights, as their negotiations with the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) have come to a standstill. 
     There was so much energy on the strike grounds, and I met so many amazing writers, whose work is so important to all of us whose lives are enriched by movies and TV, and whose livelihoods have been stalled for many years now by unfair treatment.

     I hope the negotiations end quickly. The following summation from Deadline (via LA Weekly) notes the economic cost of resolution:

» WGA Strike: The Cost of Resolution

As the Writers Guild strike enters its third week, WGA negotiators argue that the cost of settling would be significantly less than the potential losses from a prolonged strike. This comes after the union estimates that its proposals would cost the industry approximately $429 million per year, while the strike's impact on California's economy is reported to be around $30 million per day.


The Notes:

🎬 WGA negotiators claim to settle would be cheaper for studios than a long strike
💸 Union estimates its proposals would cost the industry $429 million annually
📉 California economy losing $30 million daily due to strike
📝 WGA strike is now in its third week
🚧 Studios allegedly refuse to negotiate a fair deal for writers
📺 Tens of billions are spent on programming created by writers


For more information on exactly what the WGA is asking, please see the WGA website:

WGA Negotiations Status

    Are you a writer on strike? Please tell us your story in the comments! I stand with you! 

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