Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise


    I know today and this week are very difficult for many. Easter is today. Passover has already begun. Ramadan begins this week. If you celebrate any of these holidays, then (unless you've had a recent birthday, in which case, happy birthday!) this will be the first holiday you’ve celebrated under Covid-19. There might be a silver lining to celebrating a holiday under sheltering in place, but, more likely, for many of us, there will be a sense of loss. I believe we should keep this loss in perspective and also grieve it. That is: yes, we should be mindful that not being able to go to a place of worship, not being able to go out to brunch, not being able to visit your grandparents is not nearly as bad as losing someone to the virus. We should keep our loss in perspective. And yet—we shouldn't be afraid to recognize it as a loss. We should recognize it, name it, and allow ourselves to feel it. Allow ourselves to grieve. Because if we don’t, it’s my experience that unnamed, buried feelings often don’t go away—they simply turn up as eating disorders, or drinking problems, or anger issues, or too much time spent on the Internet, or other ways we have of numbing ourselves so that we don’t feel what we’re afraid of or ashamed of feeling. We need to feel our loss, name it, keep it in perspective, and then—let it go, and enjoy this new way of celebrating as well as we can! We truly are all in this together. 

And as my sidewalk chalk neighbor artist says, Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise, which seems as appropriate a saying to stumble upon on my Easter walk as any.

Happy holidays to you, if you celebrate any of the above, and whether or not you're celebrating, here's to the rising sun!

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