Sunshine, Lake, and Train


Today I had about an hour in between errands. I "should have" gone to campus to read and grade some of my college students' creative writing stories. But it was a beautiful, sunny day, and I felt an intense longing to be in nature. So I drove to Devil's Lake (Spirit Lake, as the Ho-Chunk call it; "Devil's Lake" was a mistranslation by the Europeans) instead. I was rewarded by a sight I'd never seen, in the numerous times I'd been to the lake: I arrived just as a train was rounding the lake.

My takeaway? Listen to the voice inside my head. Get fresh air. Go out in nature. I felt inspired, recharged, and energized. The voice inside my head is never wrong.

Happy fall, and happy almost Thanksgiving! Grateful for sunny days in nature, among many other things... What are you grateful for?

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