Living in a Palace


I've been in Scotland for a week now, living in Dalkeith House, which is a 17th century palace built upon a 12th century castle. It is amazing to be living in a place with so much history. Mary, Queen of Scots stayed here, as did Bonnie Prince Charlie and James IV, who was married here. The attic and top floor held quartered Polish soldiers during World War II. The house has been owned by the Buccleuch family for hundreds of years; the Duke has leased the house to the University of Wisconsin system since 1986, when the first study abroad students arrived, which is what brings me here: I am teaching two classes to undergraduate students, mostly from the UW-system: "Wish You Were Here: The Art and Craft of Travel Writing" and "British Ghost Stories: Landscape as Inspiration." My first class starts tomorrow, and I can't wait!

Yes, the house I'm staying in has its own wikipedia page!:

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