Editing Services
A longtime freelance editor, Kelly has helped many clients achieve impressive success, and one of the things Kelly enjoys most in this world is to see her clients' stories and books become published.

If you want to improve your writing, and ESPECIALLY if you want to get published, you will find no better (or kinder) editor than Kelly Dwyer. I’ve had six short stories published in literary journals in less than a year, thanks to her insightful notes, edits, and suggestions. 
            --Robert Kerbeck, http://robertkerbeck.com/

I can divide my understanding of the novel into two eras: Before Kelly Dwyer; After Kelly Dwyer. BKD, I had some pages that contained some very good writing, if I do say so myself. AKD, those pages finally came together to form a novel (one that won several awards). Kelly and I met as students together in the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and I firmly believe that Kelly’s teaching fills in what is not taught in one of the best writing schools in the world. I have deep admiration for Kelly as a novelist, reader, and teacher. If you have a chance to work with her, consider yourself blessed.
            --BK Loren, Author of Theft, a novel. http://bkloren.com/

Kelly is not only a great writer with a cool sense of humor, but an incredibly patient and loving writing teacher, editor, and mentor. I asked her to edit my manuscript. Her feedback was incredible, and as a result, I’m writing more and more and getting better and better at it.
            --Rhory Kadish Lamboy, http://rhorywriter.com/

Kelly Dwyer is a gift. I'd been stumbling around in the dark for almost a year, trying to turn a short story into a first-time novel. Kelly agreed to walk me through the process. More than anything else, I've learned how to keep my story moving. After working with her for only nine months, I can her hear good-natured constructive critiques in my head while I write (a good thing). I can feel myself writing like a reader, which has improved my writing process. I still feel lost sometimes, but now my novel has direction. With Kelly I know I'll always get back on track!
            --Melissa Ragsdale

I'd been so doubtful of this novel and my abilities to write it. The depth and scope of your critique took my breath away. You took so much time and thought and paid so much attention to details.... I can't thank you enough.
           --L.S., Iowa 

Kelly's Editing Services Include:
·      General Critique with Suggestions/Development. Includes extensive feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of manuscripts. May include elements such as point of view; dialogue; character development; pacing and plot. Also includes Margin Notes, comments in the margins of your manuscript, as to what is and isn’t working, with suggestions for revision. Includes Some Copyediting. Kelly includes some copyediting with all manuscripts, as needed. Cost: $8 per page (250 words= 1 page).

Please note that the Editorial Freelance Association's suggested rates for developmental editing range from a minimum of $9 to a maximum of $55/page. http://www.the-efa.org/res/rates.php

·      Copy editing. Kelly has taught grammar for many years and is an excellent copyeditor. This service includes line-by-line copyediting, which often takes manuscripts up to a whole new level of sophistication and readability. (Note that minimal to moderate copyediting is included in the general critique. More thorough copyediting is an additional charge as needed/determined, usually an additional $5/page.)

Please note that the suggested rate from the Editorial Freelance Association's suggested rates for copyeditin range from $3 to $25/page. 

·      Individual workshops and conferences. Kelly will meet with writers in person, via Skype, by phone, or through email correspondence to discuss novel ideas, plot outlines, synopses for agents, and any other aspects of the novel or publication process. $75/hour
$150 minimum for all services.
Please contact Kelly Dwyer for availability and more information: KellyDwyer0077@gmail.com    

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